Daniel K. Rasmussen
21 Spaulding Lane
Groton, MA 01450

Technical Background
OS Unix (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, FTX)
Languages Java, C/C++, Perl, PHP, Unix shells (c/bourne/korn), grep, sed, awk, etc.
API JSP/Struts, Tivoli Storage Manager Client API, Rogue Wave (Tools h++, Threads, etc.), SNMP, TCP sockets, etc.
GUI JSP, html, Java/Swing , OSF/Motif
Tools ClearCase, Rational Rose, DOORS, X-Designer, JUnit, ICS Builder Xcessory, MS Visual C++, Purify, RCS, CVS, Emacs/Xemacs, etc.

Academic Background
MSCS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), 1993.
BS, Mathematics, University of Massachusetts, 1987.

General Experience Statement
I have a broad background in all aspects of software/systems architecture, design, development, test, and integration. I am comfortable in leadership and individual contributor roles. I believe in setting clearly stated goals with realistic time tables and frequent milestones. I am in the habit of delivering products on-time while maintaining a proper balance between work responsibilities and home life. I am also comfortable working in customer facing roles.

Linux Journal, Nov 2005, Radio's Next Generation: Radii
Make Magazine, Volume 20 (not yet published), Phenakistoscope + Arduino - A Study in Time and Motion

Experience Details
6/05-Present Rational Technical Sales Specialist: IBM
Technical sales specialist for the IBM Rational brand of tools for software development. Worked closely with Rational Sales Specialists to promote, present, demonstrate, and support all Rational products among current and potential IBM/Rational customers. In many cases this involved working very closely with customers to understand their problems and demonstrate how our tools can solve their problems. This position has greatly broadened my leadership and presentation skills. During my tenure in this role, I developed significant skills in many Rational products including Rational Build Forge, Rational Test RealTime, Rational Quality Manger, Rational Team Concert, Rational ClearCase, Rational Software Analyzer, and Rational Systems Developer (and all Rational modeling tools, including Rhapsody).

Most recently I have been working in a leadership role, responsible for technical enablement for all Rational Technical Sales Specialists in North America who specialize in the Systems practice area. In this role I have been responsible for the organization of this technical community and to lead the development of technical sales Proof of Technology assets. I lead efforts to create Proof of Technology assets for the Rhapsody product line. This has involved the organization of over 20 contributors and reviewers who are distributed around the world.

A major responsibility of this position is to conduct formal proof of technologys along with formal and informal training. Among the products and technologies I have conducted such training for are Rational Build Forge, Rational Systems Developer, Rational Test RealTime, Rational Software Modeler, Rational Team Concert, Rational Rhapsody, etc.

3/05-06/05 Software Engineer: Sun Microsystems
Individual contributor to the Sun storage Remote Replication Manager (RRM), web based storage management system. Worked closely with existing team members to quickly become an effective contributor. Participated in the development of core software for RRM in Java/JSP. Wrote and executed unit test code using JUnit. Performed system integration activities. This was a contract position.

9/02-3/05 Principal Software Engineer: Raytheon
Responsible for design, development, implementation, and technical lead for the DD(X) Systems Integration Test Bed (SITB) software, a web-based test management and network management tool set. This system has been developed in Java/JSP/Struts and deployed to Apache/Tomcat on Linux and Solaris. This network based test management system is used to configure, observe, control, and collect data artifacts from networked assets.

During my time as architect and technical lead on the SITB project, we completed four on-time deliveries of systems that met or exceeded requirements while adhering to associated processes and work instructions. Developed formal requirements using the Telelogic DOORS system. Architecture and Design was accomplished using Rational Rose and related products. Rational ClearCase was utilized as the source code control system. In some cases COTS, GOTS, or FOSS systems were compared and evaluated for inclusion in or development of the system. Participated in the development of formal work instructions related to software design and source code management.

3/01 - 6/02 Consulting Engineer: Cereva Networks
Implemented business logic for the Cereva XML gateway, a servlet used to monitor and manipulate the state of the Cereva 5000 storage system using XML. Most of my work was in the creation of classes used to obtain system parameters and create/manipulate system objects (e.g. subscribers, volumes, LUNs).

I led the creation of a dynamic web based management system for the Cereva 5000 Storage System. I created a graphical representation of the potentially complex Cereva volume snapshot hierarchy. I used Java/JSP and the Jakarta Struts framework to accomplish the creation of this dynamic web-based element management system. I created a graphical application using Java Swing, JChart, and MySQL which displayed a historical record of system performance parameters.

2/00 - 3/01 Consulting Engineer: StorageCom LLC
Designed and implemented API and agents for the StorageCom RealTime product (a database/file system replication, backup, and restoration tool). Used Rational Rose, C++, Rogue Wave Tools h++/threads, Tivoli Storage Manager client API to design and develop RealTimeís Virtual Full Backup, Archive Agent, Restore Agent, and internal APIís. These tools were used in conjunction with the RealTime Automated Backup Agent and RealTime device drivers to provide backup and restoration capabilities for large databases and file systems on the AIX (IBM Unix) platform.

1/99 - 2/00 Software Engineer/Development: 3Com Corp.
Maintained and enhanced the 3Com Token Ring network management system for UNIX. The system is used to monitor and administer 3Com token ring networks. The system is written in C++ and uses in-house and external APIís (including SNMP++, Tools.h++, Informix, X11/Motif, HP Openview, etc.). Tasks included adding SNMP trap handling capabilities, GUI enhancements, development of HPOV database maintenance scripts, and bug investigation/repair. This was a contract position.

9/96 - 12/98 Software Engineer/Development: Stratus Computer
Designed and prototyped a telco service authoring tool in Java. This tool is used to build telco services by aggregating predefined building blocks. The tool consists of a palate of building blocks and a work area used to instantiate and manipulate the building blocks visually. Each building block consists of user editable parameters and input/output sequence pins. The tool generates a configuration for a runtime system. This project required significant use of the Java GUI (awt), graphics, and container classes. The project also included investigation and some use of Java Beans.

Designed, prototyped, and developed a Motif GUI front end to the Stratus SCEnic product which is used by telephone companies to create telephone services. This application was developed on Sun/Unix in C++ using X-Designer and ported to FTX and HP-UX. Work included the development of an interface to the Oracle database for creation, modification (insert/update/delete), and deletion of database tables. The modification panel was built dynamically based on database schema. This GUI was built from the ground up to streamline and enhance the existing SCEnic development environment. This was a contract position.

11/95 - 8/97 Software Engineer/Development: HP Medical
Designed and implemented network software configuration and support tools for a networked medical equipment communications system (HP DeviceLink). These GUI based applications are used to collect, validate, and store information regarding network devices and to monitor the live network. These tools include graphical output on overall system/network performance and the ability to directly monitor/control activity on any configured concentrator.

Worked closely with HP hardware and software engineers to acquire system requirements, coordinate interprocess data exchange, and to overcome many technical challenges. Quickly assimilated and became local expert in the HP VEE visual programming language. Implemented a system tools library and an HP VEE utility library for use across the product. Implemented many UNIX shell scripts (perl/ksh) and served as a local UNIX/scripting information resource. Gained significant network hardware and software knowledge including the use of TCP sockets in Perl. Wrote several medical device data acquisition drivers in Perl. This was a contract position.

1994 - 1995 Software Engineer/Development: DataViews Corporation
Key member of a small team of software engineers developing an object oriented graphics application framework. Implemented product licensing including an object oriented wrapper to the FLEXlm API on both Unix and Windows NT platforms. As the sole engineering support for XDesigner, I provided technical assistance to product support and marketing for this GUI builder tool. This support included debugging of 3rd party widget integration, competitive evaluations, development of cross platform (UNIXóNT) demos, and general technical assistance.

1993 - 1994 Software Engineer/Support: Sun Microsystems
OS and application support for Sun Microsystems customers in the Hartford, CT area. Information resource, consultant, and liaison between Sun Engineering and major customers. Daily responsibilities include trouble shooting, installation, demonstration, integration, testing, tuning, administration, and training of customer system administrators. Played a significant role in keeping a network of over 2000 Sun workstations up and running. Performed systems analysis and tuning for specific applications including a networked parallel computational fluid dynamics application. Focal point for customer transition to Solaris 2.x.

1993 Software Engineer/User Interface: Martin Marietta
Human-machine interface design and development for the Ground Station 2000 (GS2000) project. Rapidly integrated into this high pressure/high risk project to become a key member of the HMI team. Developed significant portions of the satellite telemetry displays, interfacing the user with the telemetry data and telemetry commands via Motif and UNIX Interprocess Communication (IPC).

1987-1993 Software Engineer/Applications: Pratt & Whitney
1991-1993: Development and support of vibration analysis applications for the Pratt & Whitney Structural Engineering Department. Developed numerous graphical engineering applications using C, FORTRAN, OSF/Motif, Xlib, SunView and SunPhigs. These applications included a general purpose 2D data editor, an airfoil transition modeler, and a harmonic decomposition system with polar plotting capability.
1989-1991: Primary integrator, programmer, analyst, and administrator for electronic imaging at Pratt & Whitney Engineering. Developed tools to assist users in the transition from the mainframe to the workstation environment. Performed systems administration support for both the Formtek raster edit and Interleaf electronic publishing systems on the Sun platform. Among the first in the company to develop tools using the SunView GUI.
1987-1989: Developed and supported Pratt & Whitney Engineering statistical analysis systems (IBM VM/CMS). Enhancements included improvements to the existing user interface, half normal probability plotting, regression analysis options, and graphical zoom/trace options.

1981-1993 United States Air Force & Mass Air National Guard (part time)
Having served as both an Information Management Officer and a Communications Electronics Officer, I have gained significant management and leadership experience. Also overseas in the active duty enlisted force as a Personnel Specialist.

Education Experience
In my pursuit of a Masterís degree in Computer Science, I have had extensive 3D graphics training. Projects have included the development of 3D graphics systems for rendering faceted data. Developed an accelerated ray tracing system using discrete ray-tracing techniques. Most of this work was written to run on multiple platforms including Sun, SGI, PCís.