This web application allows you to you to create an Autophenakistoscope image from your own photos.

Heres how it works:

  1. Browse to and select 10 photos to upload and process for your image (you will want them to gradually change and cycle back to the original image) - they can be anything as long as they are in jpeg format and are low resolution. This application cannot accept high resolution pictures - please downsample with gimp, irfanview, or other software of your choosing.
  2. Click Upload/Resize Image and the application uploads and process your images. Your images will then be displayed at the bottom of this page - We are not done yet (See step 3)!
  3. Click Create PDF and the application process your images into a pdf suitable for printing and glueing to a disused cd/dvd to mount on your autophenakistoscope.

Please be patient - I know its clunky. It will get better as time goes on but you will be please with the results if you hang in there.

Send me an e-mail if you have any troubles. Please also let me know if you make any disks that you are very happy with, I would like to publish them here for other makers to use.